Framework Website Development

As a website development framework company Nova Solutio has real professional developers who a familiar with most modern types of frameworks. Our team can easily help you to decide which framework is better to choose, will provide you with all the necessary info and support. Nova Solutio guarantees high quality and performance of work.


Angular is a front-end development JavaScript framework, it is an open-source and based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Our developers frequently use Angular JS to create responsive and dynamic single-page applications, modern animated features for client’s websites, our company solutions with AngularJS can be as well plug-ins development, web, and custom applications development, e-commerce and shopping cart realization.


Another popular website development framework between our developers, it is written in Phyton and based on Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture. Django is especially excelled by its security features while managing users passwords and accounts or protecting your website from different attacks, it is more often used for big complex websites and portals. Working with Nova Solutio and our Django Developers guarantees high speed and timely delivery of a project.


A modern open-source PHP framework, also based on MVC architecture, it has a lot of features to implement rapid and secure web development process. We have successful examples of building projects with Laravel, such as news site, database and websites migrations, and various extension development projects.


As well it is one of the most recommended by our company PHP framework for website development. It is an open-source stable MVC based framework, one of the best choices when you have a large complex web project. Our company has a great team of Symfony experts, who will take care of any your specific need, with our permanent proficient and dedicated attitude and in quick terms.


Another popular PHP website development framework which is as well an open source high-performance platform to build a wide variety of web applications. It is especially effective when you expect a thousand of visitors, YII is a high speed, reach in functionality and top secured. Our support team will be pleased to tell you more about the opportunities using YII framework.

Ruby on Rails

Very popular open-source server-side back-end framework. Ruby boasts a highly developed interface and big functionality, speed ups and simplifies the development process, bringing high-security standards as well. It is used for development in different business fields, especially popular in e-commerce by its performance with a database, chat applications, and various integrations.


Suited for commercial applications PHP development framework, CakePHP despite its age remains modern, effective and comprehensive. It guarantees high speed and performance, good safety record, you will be advised to choose it when it comes to different forms validation, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection or cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention. Please send your request to Nova Solutio and our experts will explain to you more about this technology.